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Often used for its rejuvenating effects, boosting estrogen, combatting the effects of aging, building strength and improving memory and intelligence, reducing fatigue and increasing libido.

Suggested Serving:

3 capsules twice a day.

1/2-1tsp (we recommend for all to listen to their bodies intuition, follow the dosage that most resonates with you)

All botanicals and culinary herbs and spices are wildcrafted non-irradiated and GMO free.

All packaging is compostable and recyclable, 100% plastic free and environmentally friendly.

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A little more information:

Shatavari is a renowned Rasayana (rejuvenating properties) in Ayurvedic medicine. Its use is said to go back thousands of years and is great for the boosting of longevity. The Literal translation of the word Shatavari means “she who has a thousand husbands” as the herb is revered for its believed ability to increase sexual drive and fertility, especially in woman but also in men. It has also gained popularity for its potential to boost strength and combat aging making one full of youth and vibrancy.


90 capsules, 150 capsules, 100g, 200g


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