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A potent aphrodisiac traditionally used for its neuro protective, mood enhancing, libido boosting and nootropic – focus enhancing –  properties.

Mucuna is highly sought after for its natural production of L-dopa which is known to be able to cross the blood brain barrier and help to restore the production of dopamine back to its natural levels along with general neurotransmission.

Suggested Serving:

1-2tsp (we recommend for all to listen to their bodies intuition, follow the dosage that most resonates with you.)

Mucuna can be enjoyed simply mixed into a glass of orange juice. Added along to your smoothie, soup or broth or incorporated into your coffee, matcha or hot Cacao.

All botanicals and culinary herbs and spices are wildcrafted non-irradiated and GMO free.

All packaging is compostable and recyclable, 100% plastic free and environmentally friendly.

A little more information:

The Mucuna pruriens is a highly regarded herb in India ever since the ancient times due to its aphrodisiac properties. It is often rendered as the seed that enhances sexual strength and functioning. The Mucuna herb is also used as an anthelmintic (parasite expellant) in traditional medicine.

Mucuna pruriens is a very popular Ayurvedic herb used in medicinal purposes. It is a renowned herbal Aphrodisiac which increases the testosterone level and sperm count. The herb is also useful for losing weight and building lean muscles, making it a popular sport medicine among body builders and athletes. Mucuna pruriens is likewise a good anti-depressant and mood enhancer.


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