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Dandelion has been used throughout the ages as a liver detox, it is also know for it significantly high amount of vitamin K which helps to promote healthy bones, skin and hair. It has been used for its high anti-oxidant properties and for fighting free radicals.

Suggested Serving:

1/2-1tsp (we recommend for all to listen to their bodies intuition, follow the dosage that most resonates with you)

There are many different methods available for how to make dandelion root tea, to make it quick and simple, just pour hot water over the root and let it steep for 5–10 minutes before straining, but for a more potent one add a tea spoon of the root into a pan of hot water, bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 15 minutes, strain and enjoy. To make dandelion coffee, simply roast the root first by baking for around 10–15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After cooling, muddle or blend into granules resembling that of ground coffee bean, and proceed as you would with coffee.

All botanicals and culinary herbs and spices are wildcrafted non-irradiated and GMO free.

All packaging is compostable and recyclable, 100% plastic free and environmentally friendly.

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A little more information:

Dandelions are thought to have evolved about 30 million years ago in Eurasia. Fossil seeds of Taraxacum tanaiticum have been recorded from the Pliocene of southern Russia. Dandelions have been used by humans for food and as an herb for much of recorded history. They were well known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and are recorded to have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. The plant has been used as food and medicine by Native Americans. It is likely that Dandelions arrived in North America on the Mayflower—not as stowaways, but brought on purpose for their medicinal benefits.


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