intuitive healing


We are a health focused tribe endeavouring to bring all to the path of health and superconsciousness by bringing the ancient knowledge and cultures of the shamans and yogies to today’s generations.

We are an ever ongoing and evolving journey…..

All botanicals are wildcrafted non-irradiated and GMO free.  


Noetic refers to states of insight into depths of truth not fully grasped by the intellectual mind.

Or an intelligence beyond the sense of reason.

We at noetic feel that somehow the progress of science in regards to health and healing is missing a holistic and natural element which we are embarking to fill. 

On top of that we are on a mission to bring people the feeling of being superconscious – an expanded intuitive, active and high performance mind and body free from stress and anxiety.


Noetic Health

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  • Irish Sea Moss

    Irish Sea Moss


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